Specific one off custom jobs are priced via consult and quote, but as general guide here are some pricing estimates for different kinds of work. All pricing is by the hour for a minimum of half a day (4 hours), and travel expenses to and from any premises of work is extra.

  • PHP Programming £25 per hour
  • WordPress Websites £20 per hour
  • Java/C/C++ Applications £30 per hour
  • C/C++ Firmware/Arduino/RasPi £35 per hour
  • Mathematical Programming £40 per hour
  • Electronics Design and Assembly £45 per hour
  • Low-use Web Server £30 per month
  • Install and Obtain Personal (Not Enterprise) https Secure Keys £20 per hour, certificate valid 1 year
  • Database Design and Building £30 per hour
  • Computing Hardware Servicing Deposit and £35 per hour, labour costs payable even if no fix possible
  • Electronic and Computer Parts Order and Supply +20% Margin

You may consider these prices cheap or expensive depending on your prospective, with higher prices on things which have high skills knowledge requiring study, or have high maintenance and compliance overheads, or things which have a higher risk. Lower prices on things which need beginner or intermediate skill.