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A Differential Equation of Interest

(v^2) v ‘ ‘ ‘−9v v ‘ v ‘ ‘+12(v ‘ ^3)+(1−v^2/c^2)v ‘ (wv)^2=0

An interesting result of considering uncertainty as a forced quantity in free space.

Here for the magic of a solution to some particle mysteries.

SSL Certificate Issues

The latest update of the main browsers invalidated the StartSSL CA due to omnipotent security issues. The certificate security was not at risk. A Chinese company purchased a Israeli company, and some certificates were issued via the Chinese end, that the primary CA structure was not happy about. This did not involve action by KRT in anyway. General certificate security on the web was more at risk by quantum computing advances. I have switched CA until the issue is resolved at StartSSL.

Considering that the StartSSL root certificate was not invalidated, and that the browser producers have hard coded a removal of this CA certificate, it can be seen that someone high in the security chain is not at all happy with the issuing by StartSSL and its new masters of certificates in secret. This will lead to a general debate of the purpose of SSL certificates. Security or secrecy?

VST Instruments and Effects?

The Google Drive folder is here, and will contain all the free plugins I develop here at K Ring. I will also put any paid ones I develop there, within a folder when I’ve worked out a DRM and have a sufficiently interesting plugin really worth the money. That’s not to say the free ones are or will be bad. They’ll be quite original and not just another clone set. The free ones will be just 32 bit for now. You can donate or sponsor via to support more free VST development.

Need Tech Sorting?

Hi. My kind of thing. Check out the skills available or are you here to find out about some of the open source software and hardware research that’s going on?

Maybe your here to check up on a reply to a comment. Or you want a consult on how current new tech, or your latest project is going to pan out given current market trends. Whatever it is, I’m no fool. This lifetimes special offer is you get free service with every payment received as a no strings attached gift. By order of the management.

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