The Most Active List

Start near the top for the latest on the most active. This page is specifically for projects which have some active mind set on company business. The individual titles click through to a project specific page for the focus. Commenting on them as and when to find out interest. This page however is more active news about projects. It’s not reviews or opinion, it’s on active project focus. If there is no project goal, then it’s not a project. This page is in active edit. The individual project pages are more in active append.

Networking Software

Some Java classes to automate cloud integration in Java code.

Musical Hardware

A project to make some musical hardware. Some quality hand build and design.


A musical number not yet exited the project scope phase. I think it will be an interesting saleable good. What do you look for in musical making machines? Is it a do everything? Is it a simple fruit of excellence? You can donate for the free VSTs on this page too.


The riot.js template engine looks like a nice proposition for custom web design. This project builds some companion scripts for making use of riot in WordPress, and a server back end which will work well with a very easy install alongside Worpress.