K Ring Technologies Ltd. (Registered in England and Wales No. 09861978) is a company established in 2015 for the purpose of R&D in electronics, computers, software and technology in general. The company also does contract software programming as bread and butter work, to fund focused R&D and maintain a budget for operations.

Website hosting is also available, with fully custom servers configured to suit the purpose to which they are put. This one for example is a general web host, with WordPress, PHP, Apache Tomcat and MariaDB. It is also running SSL, and has secure traffic to and from the site. A complete redundant backup of the site is also made in multiple locations.

As an Oracle registered Cloud Partner Oracle’s services can be offered if they are suitable for the task at hand. The Tux logo is also included to show a balance, as most builds, including this one are hosted using open source Linux based servers. These are of course much cheaper than Oracle rack equipment, but horses for courses and all that. Oracle no longer have a cloud partner registration level.

The concept of value at K Ring Technologies Ltd. is rooted in fair work for fair pay, and R&D into useful technology as a way towards future value. All our contractors are skilled in their areas to a level of excellence that comes with having a deep understanding of engineering. Satisfaction fulfilling a problem specification is a goal, but we can also engineer on the fly and adapt to the needs of the customer.

Contact Simon Jackson for further details on services which can be provided.