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Simon Jackson, Director and Coder

The Director

The founder of KRT, and it’s first contractor. He has many years of coding experience and an in depth knowledge of computer theory and practice. He is degree qualified in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (but has resigned his degree as it seems to attract some not so subconcious bias as to being a millionaire, while not being), and loves some quite abstract mathematics and particle physics thoughts on a lovely day, hence the design signature below.

“The irony of matter in the end is that the particles are emptier than space on the inside, and light in it’s unimpeded wisdom, diffracts through it faster, so as to appear to bounce off of it. Quite funny I thought to myself, who would have thought the way to anti-gravity would be to make the particle edge so uncertain, that it expands about the thing to be lifted, so making all inside it that bit faster lighter.”

Oh, and a nice bit of maths with some notational simplifications.jacko@kring.co.uk | +44 7454 696 878. Oh yes, an integral as a series of D.

Independent Contractors

Various independent contractors are known to us, and their details will appear here at the request of them.

Other People’s Services

Sometimes I work with Alistair an excellent programmer with some beauty in design. Other people on Brighton Farm have excellent skills too.

Suitcase Media is doing some interesting social enterprise projects with people in Hackney and Hoxton, and find them interesting people to work with.

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