QMK Keyboard Again

Latest 2021-11-22 commit goes for an 10 layer design with the language BQN built in and three further planes of Unicode glyphs. This leaves 2296 bytes of firmware left for further adaptions. Seems the lock key option consumes quite a bit and I don’t need it.

Altering theΒ U’ ‘ defines such that a Unicode glyph is copied between the single quotes would add a Unicode character to the design.

The control iconographs for example:

[IAT] = U'⚠', [IA] = U'⟁', [IB] = U'πŸ—š', [IC] = U'πŸ—',
[ID] = U'πŸ”–', [IE] = U'πŸ”Ž', [IF] = U'πŸ‘', [IG] = U'πŸ””',
[IH] = U'⌫', [II] = U'⭾', [IJ] = U'⏎', [IK] = U'⭿',
[IL] = U'πŸ“‡', [IM] = U'βœ“', [IN] = U'πŸ—‹', [IO] = U'πŸ—',
[IP] = U'🐧', [IQ] = U'πŸ“€', [IR] = U'πŸ“₯', [IS] = U'πŸ’Ύ',
[IT] = U'🌱', [IU] = U'πŸ‘Ž', [IV] = U'πŸ“‹', [IW] = U'πŸ”‘',
[IX] = U'πŸ—™', [IY] = U'πŸ—œ', [IZ] = U'⎌', [ILBR] = U'βŽ‹',
[IBSL] = U'🌍', [IRBR] = U'☣', [ICAR] = U'βš—', [IUND] = U'☒',
Are picked to represent general principals of the control characters in a modern computer environment. Some of them may be difficult to understand at first but for example the last row could be considered ECO/BIO/CHEM/PHYS, on a atomic building.
Deciding on the extra control layer glyphs as they don’t have ASCII slots but are possible to type is a bit more complicated. I’ll give them a bit more thought.Β 
There’s an interesting VSCode crash 139 development (SEGMENTATION FAULT) just occurred which shouldn’t be happening but is a crash in the rendering process. Obviously some “bad code” in VSCode?
I’ve improved the shift mechanism for some of the extended layers, and filled in the ANSI control code layer to my satisfaction. I’ve finalized the Navigation and Macro layers to final satifaction and added a number lock on the Magenta shift of the Macro Yellow layer.

Author: Jacko

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