VCV Rack Again

Now that VCV Rack virtual modular synthesizer has stabalized I tried it out for developing C++ modules to add in to the rack. Haven’t decided on the exact nature of the modules yet (2021-7-14), but it does work for the developer better than the older version. First a full source compile is not required. There still appears to be some issues with control alignment in the module GUI which is auto generated which is easily fixed by adding 28 to the Y coordinate of the control. My advice is leave the control “circles” visible until the actual controls cover where you intend them placed.

KRT Plugin A is the repository. So module A seems to be a filter with some strange DSP and input option for a HPF/LPF ring modulation with a metalic on the corner frequency offsetable from the main Q frequency but with tracking added on independantly. Is this the most fun that can be had with 4-poles? An electronic DSP filter joke. So the test basically works, but some DC on none HPF path, but as HPF is by inverse LPF and DC cancels, there must be some DC injected somewhere. OK, found the obvious error at last. Filter A is finished.

And now polyphonic with SIMD. This makes it about 7 times more efficient. Now has graphics. Developing module μ for calculus purposes, then onto a few other niceties. module μ is finished too. Any errors in the calculus should be reported as this module is about a calculated sound, and errors sounding better are for other modules.

On version 1.2.3 already 😀 as it even took this long to define a suitable versioning number system. At the moment controls are virtually CNC’ed on a grid, and panel graphics are manually kerned (as auto(Tm)ating this is perhaps overkill. v1.3.4 release now include the fat T with some bad disharmony as well as lovely 4th and 5th sync sounds and stuff.

L;D and R are now in planning. And are completed for the 1.6.9 release (2021-07-27). Maybe some speed optimizations and next a more complex module. A nice website is also being made in markdown here as that’s what is expected by default .json tags.

The 1.8.13 release (2021-8-2) includes 8 working modules with the new ones being Ω (a clock distributer with randomness) and V (a VCA triplet). The 1.9.15-rc2 relaease (2021-08-05) includes F a morph filter. Hopefully goes live soon soon when compiled by VCV. The Y gate sequencer is almost ready for 16 channels of triggers.

15 machines up there now (2021-8-19) including some oversampled ones, and some utilities for helping out with problems you didn’t know you had. One minor fix for the F filter will be in the next release, and some slight improvements, plus another 3 modules. 


Author: Jacko

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