Qt 5 Little App

I’m starting to write a little Qt application based on the simple editor application example. So far it doesn’t do much, and I’ve just been planning and adding some menus. These include a view menu for looking at things differently and a sync menu which will hook into a git repository when completed.

It’s quite a nice little tool kit. Looking into getting the Android NDK development with it. I’ll update as I go. So I’ve got the Android kit working to show a simple demo app on an android phone. It works, but does hide the top bar if the app scrolls when the input device opens. It comes back if you touch the now black area where the menu dropdown is.

Apart from setting up the tool chain, that has to be the simplest android development code I’ve seen. Some of the features such as sharing the libraries do not work with the Qt 5.13 release, and so you should avoid trying them. It doesn’t really matter though for the development of a single canvas application or a simple data tool.

Apart from minor bugs Qt Creator is an excellent tool, and should be on more development systems for open source, and even for closed source, but that would require a paid Qt licence.

And so I’ve decided to extend and simplify the notebook example code to make some kind of editor and processor. It seems like it could be easy, and I’ll factor off some of the useful routines into a shared library. It might be good, or it might be just another also ran.

For some reason it does not offer 32 bit desktop tools, but I might be lucky with the Intel DPC++ compiler. It could be good with some proxy of the GUI.

After a delay today due to disk errors hidden needing an fsck -b <superblock> option to get the boot, and actually liking timeshift with the /opt and /tools menus excluded. And back up and running on the desktop.

So back on track today with some signals and slots to do some logic with the clipboard icons such as shutting them off when it would not be sensible to not have them greyed out. I think the first external form, or maybe an embedded widget might be for the settings.

That reminds me that I must add a menu for it. I suppose it is a base view, but it’s likely better if it is considered a special case. Now to have a test out of some other things, as I think Mint 19.3 is coming for christmas.

EDIT: Mint 19.3 is here, and working quite nice. The app now has a style sheet, but I need to pick up “the desktop” one and do a bit of search replace to manufacture one for Qt on the fly. A little bit more code is needed to idiot proof the basic functionality, and then I have to move onto loading in abstarct processed views for all the features.

Author: Jacko

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