Windows November Crapware Update

Tis the season to extort the public for new PC hardware. And the November windows preview is in on the act. Prepare for a memory management exception and a boot loop where media will be required. It definitely is not undoing the changes.

Now to decide what to run coming up to Christmas. Maybe Linux has a few less bribable bibbuble feature additions. You may think this is harsh, but disambiguation of alpha release and preview release is not to be confused at such an “experienced” software organisation.

The user blame game under fitness for “operating” system purpose and provision of sub par malware (which even goes PXE boot without asking for some random jump to code one presumably thinks), M$ has software crap or IME bull.

Author: Jacko

Technical. Well is mass information conservation the reason for dark energy via uncertain geometry and photon exchange? Is dark matter conservation of acceleration with a gradient field heavy graviton? Does the KODEK work yet?