Strange Dreams of 53 “Herbie”

So first and third. And some other images. It seems the sub-concious is a strange thing, built for purpose by a design evolved over “billenia”. Seems simple and yet so unconcious. Maybe it’s a real change for good. Not in a missionaries and karma pacifiers first with the financial weapons later, but more real, and worth it.

But maybe it’s related to the 1st boot operating system becoming the third boot one. As I had to use Linux Mint 19.1 to bootstrap an ISO burn of Raspbian x86, and then I’m going for a Windows 10 ISO for use in a virtual box machine for those occasional must haves. Luckyly I have had no major issues yet with things like Xilinx design tools, or even virtual box.

So after some ping and a little browse to the expected gateway, I don’t need to find how to do an auto-config “proxy” script as it will route as soon as the click happens to the faster internet. Which is good considering the number of downloads that I might have to do to fix up a system by Crimbo.

Let this be a never let Windows be the hypervisor lesson. As they at Microsoft have too many issues of ignoring such things as other installed and preferred hypervisors. Then new flood oneDrive with all your documents to get them deleted, or interfere with creation of new ones unless you upgrade or have a decent smidge of tech savvy.

The windows quality experience goes on and on. At least it is possible to get the usb0 device to work, although there is likely some dhcp option I have to enable for a default setup. Although a large percentage of the bandwidth is updates of windows and microsoft store apps. 

Author: Jacko

Technical. Well is mass information conservation the reason for dark energy via uncertain geometry and photon exchange? Is dark matter conservation of acceleration with a gradient field heavy graviton? Does the KODEK work yet?