Sounds like a plan. Seems some playing with Caustic 3 android app is also needed. The tiredness which is not tiredness, more of a motor function initialisation deficit. Maybe I’ll get inspired on how to do things today. Maybe some beer. The knot keeps of South American Indians and amino acid chains? I think today has a parallels feel to it.

I suppose a visit to the shops would also generate things to go with this chicken. Which might be nice later. Does it have electrolytes? Maybe some more biochemistry videos and the facinating origins of how tryptophan came to be coded by a stop codon, and speculation on the recruitment of an extra essential amino acid.

Author: Jacko

Technical. Well is mass information conservation the reason for dark energy via uncertain geometry and photon exchange? Is dark matter conservation of acceleration with a gradient field heavy graviton? Does the KODEK work yet?