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Facinating stuff. Excellent vitamin B1 experience. I think something in my mind speaks in an abstract way, and the “normal” part is left to decide it as best when minus the paranoic instafill that would be necessary to help immediately. It’s really visual. A fast set of about 4 images per second.

Ok, Thiamine B1 and cod liver oil confirmed ok for intelligent fat people to regain composure.

If you don’t understand the sophisticated dry sense of humour in the use of the word intelligent, then perhaps you need a redose of the catalyst essential to human life that is known as B1. The malty desire and the addition to white carbs explain a lot. Do you vomit on too much beer these days? If you don’t you likely need to cut back on the malty flavour, and just add the very specific B1 in large 100mg amounts per day to your system until you reach the point of having enough and I understand the reaction is to vomit.

There we go, tiny starving japanese amounts of firelighter, as we wouldn’t want to extinguish the slim people with a reasonable dose. This victamin B1 could be considered to have quite a dark side.

It’s so important that an active transport mechanism picks it up fast in the illium, and alcohol does switch this off to a large extent if consumed at the same time, leading to high desire for the malty stuff, and some would say over amounts of some of the more toxic B vitamins. Some would say people shovel carbs to get B1 which frankly is added to staple carbs.

I did find my appitite for carbs drop significantly and my energy increased as ketosis and kinase action became easy again. I would say to be careful if you’ve been a hungering for B1 for a while as all manor of things switch on, and the dose of 100mg is about a week of Jap start, and not full on fatty full replacement.

So on to sulphur catalyst volcanic chemistry. As one of the few ways the body has of getting sulphur in an organic context vitamin B1 is very special. The other two known ways of obtaining organically relevant sulphur are through methionine and cystine amino acids. These are the other major sulphurs. As the body can make cystine from methionine it is not too critical, but performs the ancient critical function of structural sulphur to sulphur bonding in nails and hair and, and, and …

Methionine is maybe not needed in many protiens in large amount (although it theoretically could, but seems to be a newer addition to protein synthesis), but does form a protein rate expression regulator because it is a mRNA transcription initiator. Thus the amount does control to a good extent the speed of protien synthesis. B cell proliferation for example for antibody production. The biochemistry of the gut can make both these essentials (B1 and methionine) given sufficent organic sulphur precursors and an eggy fart smell is some unwanted bacteria making sulphides of the gas when the precious sulphur is needed. This phase is when the gas emissions start triggering problems for the local Treg cell population, and so the antibody arms are released.

Such sulphur should not be wasted as it prevents the efficient creation of B1 and methionine to absorb. The egg farts disappear and on to the sulphur system things go. You should experience a small apparent decrease in energy at this point, but some of that is due to up regulation of control on to newly freed cerebellum actions.

The transketolase test should perhaps be replaced with a white cell centrefuge and mass spec or NMR (odd? or context spin coupling?) sulphur test.

The possibility that part of the Mediterranean diet benefit is volcano eruption fall, in making the sulphur B vitamins is an interesting one, and needs some correlation data to sub region levels and not just whole countries for better matching. An involved process needing some extended geo data.

So a germ that eats B1? To induce carb consumption, which reduces the saladie goodness, which induces other deficiency and general ill health. Perhaps with a B12 deficiency later, a slim down and chronic.

Large B1 100mg dose to give them something to feed on, and go flat out eating it beyond their “insulin” (or whatever) threshold, and I suppose they excreeted too much hydrogen sulphide for that antibody attack and the cell content “unathorized sulphur chemistry” room clearing experience. I have more B1 in me but yet just the one fart happened on day five (iirc). You might forget the day but unlikely the experience.

Author: Jacko

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