Amiga Forever

Quite nice front end to WinUAE, with all the necessary ROMs and .adf files. There is then the process of finding some older freeware CD images, and you have a great retro Amiga system. Ummm, joystick. Hopefully there will be a cross compiler still working for the 3.1 OS, to provide back conversions of any software I may make.

There is then the process of setting up the 3.X image to my liking, and quite a lot is already done. There is also some games and other software included. This is good. The only strange thing was the 1GB hard file install of a vanilla OS, which did not seem to be used so I deleted it. … Seems it was for some lower version WB, and I’m not really using that.

After configuring the (included with some versions) Amiga Explorer it became easy to see the machine. This is not strictly necessary, but might be useful in future for remote access or some other test setup. I’ve got a Free Pascal for the 68k-amigaos, so I’ll be looking to do some back porting of anything I develop.

Interesting AROS PC edition refuses to boot today, a bad .vdi file error as seen by the guest OS. This may have been related to adding an extra network interface, but that should not do that, so I have to assume there is still some unwanted stability issues. AROS is not really necessary with a JIT compiler in WinUAE. I’m quite happy with the RTG 3.X Workbench as a general tool for doing things outside Windows and Linux. I’ll get on to installing some cover disk stuff from some “ancient” ISO files over Christmas. 600MB is a lot in Amiga world.

It does seem that OS 3.X needs an update to move the ENV-Archive off of the system boot disk, so as to fix the security to read-only. I can drop any “update” from the Windows 10 side. A good compromise is using Windows to control the access rights. This way I can be the administrator, and other users can have read-only permission on all but the Shared volume. This hopefully keeps the binaries intact for general guest users. It also provides a good excuse to fix up the Windows 10 security on the public user directory.

Author: Jacko

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