VCVRack Build 32 Bit

VCVRack is a virtual modular synth which has open source. The build on Windows is 64 bit only. Challenge accepted.

The dependencies to follow on Google Drive. GNU 7.2.0 BUILD. Quite a bit of libs to -lxxx, in the rack Makefile. Fri 15 Sept 2017 13:00 minor ABI build issue janssen. Now fixed and Rack.exe builds. It will need some plugins compiling.

The main reason for 32 bit is a cheap tablet PC, and the idea of using it for music playing. I also need a source build to develop plugins for it. I also took the opportunity to use libzip 1.3.0 for bz2 support. The build process involved MSYS2 setup, and usual C find the dependency, with a twist of fork of github and a touch of submodule redo. Some file renaming to convince the rest of the build about x86, x64 was par for the job.

Some modules are planned, but the build to link against and test is essential. It’s seriously cool, and my VST coding may migrate. Very easy to build the plugins with little bampf code, very challenging to use the dep make from source. Try the prebuilt app if you have no C experience. I will make 64 bit versions of anything I make, and perhaps a 32 bit bz2 packed version. Maybe BWT/LZW will get into libzip eventually.

The Rack.exe built. I have yet to build modules so no plugins. The effect is ‘nothing happens’ not even an error. The .dll files load, as removing them makes errors, which is a good sign of loading.

.EXE (32-bit) – No Plugins Alpha Coolish. Now some GUI and imagination … libRack.a

The bad news is ccmalloc fails when starting up. So performance maybe limited or none. It does allow compiling against the libs to develop plugins, although a final 64 bit build would be needed for tests. A semi useful on the go distro.

I’ve started on a domain specific language to assist in the manufacturing of plugins. It’s built in the C pre-processor, so the output of errors is somewhat archaic. This is not an issue for myself, and word namespaces are currently sorted by having a set of macros in each file. Next I guess is abstracting the coordinate system. The coordinates are now fixed.

There is engineered space for 2 LEDs, 6 sockets and 4 dials in the first generic template. The design to be done involves moving some .png resources to .svg for the future. It will involve some redrawing from some older resources.

Author: Jacko

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