Windows Being Shit Again

Ever needed to move “Program Files” to make some space with an easy 32 GB SD? Obviously, Microsoft keeps getting a backhand bribe for filling up internal drives. It turns out a nice utility called Steam Mover does the job of making a shortcut quite nicely. Windows 10 should have allowed this, and so should Windows 7. This is especially bad form when the Windows 10 upgrade installer will not use the SD for gaining the space to do an install. Where did all the GB go? On Visual Studio 2017. A bloaty C compiler.

Even LibreOffice 5 is deleting and doing failed installs. So much for being free. Part of the NSA always on spyware forced upon peoples electric processing bills. Another few GB of keywords to search through, all parasitized off you, for the nationally secure, and stuff you.

So after you check out a free demo rental of your supposed outright buy, and then you’ll have to change to another, as the megabytes increase to do much the same but slower, on faster hardware.

Yep, move a set of bits to some other volume, and all hell breaks loose. It does make you wonder why a specific Office 365 piece of code is running with a file lock when no office documents are open or used.

Author: Jacko

Technical. Well is mass information conservation the reason for dark energy via uncertain geometry and photon exchange? Is dark matter conservation of acceleration with a gradient field heavy graviton? Does the KODEK work yet?