Site Looks

I thought about making my site look like google today. The green here is distinctive, but maybe the site could learn from some google UI styling. But then maybe the net would all look the same. A bit of an off dream where the moon had all one style, and then each planet had sort of a brand. It’s more the arguments of the extents of confusion that would perhaps result from an eye catching UI, I still have not really formatted my landing page to my satisfaction. It’s an interesting thought that when the web of one planet becomes a wiki zone of another, the web becomes in effect a pivot table of UI elemental descriptions. UI design has been the defining feature of the web. Well yes, apps had it first, but there was a consistency of design in the super highway process, such that too much differentiation was counter productive in education hours.

Some have experimented with auto reflow of site HTML to modularize the CSS content, and so reduce the tweek time. A reflow portal based not just on the browser agent, but other stylistic factors could be a good future development strategy. I wouldn’t say it was a site priority here, but might be a good future project. This might be good for public spaces, where the seen that one, brings about little review.

Author: Jacko

Technical. Well is mass information conservation the reason for dark energy via uncertain geometry and photon exchange? Is dark matter conservation of acceleration with a gradient field heavy graviton? Does the KODEK work yet?